Have you ever ventured inside the dependency hell 😈? Louis CAD has for sure. Today we’re talking about refreshVersions, a Gradle plugin to help you keep your third-party dependencies up to date.

The killer feature of refreshVersions is the possibility to see all the available versions as comments in your versions file. They’re just a ⇧ + down keystroke away to update:

Updating a dependency version with refreshVersions

Louis will also tell us his personal experience with pair programming in the open-source ecosystem. If you’re looking for a peer to get into open-source, make sure you send Louis a message!

Enjoy the show 👨‍🍳

Show Notes

  • 00.25 Intro
  • 01.11 Episode Start
  • 01.41 Louis’ Introduction
  • 02.56 What is refreshVersion?
  • 04.56 The Dependency Hell problem
  • 05.54 API breaking changes
  • 06.35 The cost of bumping dependencies
  • 07.25 Dependency bundles and versions alignment
  • 09.27 The history of this project
  • 13.18 How the find newer versions?
  • 15.05 A new dependency notation
  • 16.46 How to use refreshVersions?
  • 19.14 New versions as comments
  • 19.51 Java Properties vs JSON/YAML
  • 22.24 refreshVersions vs Gradle Version Catalog
  • 26.33 refreshVersions vs Dependabot
  • 29.42 How to contribute to refreshVersions?
  • 32.13 Pair programming in open source
  • 35.36 Have you ever had bad experiences with pair programming?
  • 37.59 Tools for pair programming
  • 39.31 How to pair program with Louis?
  • 42.02 What’s next for refreshVersions?
  • 43.38 Where to find Louis online?


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