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Who doesn’t like animations? Let’s discover how you can run smooth animations everywhere with Lottie and Gabriel Peal

It’s time to spotlight another Dependency Injection framework for Kotlin: please welcome Salomon with Kodein

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An open-source app to browse open-source code? That’s FastHub, one of the best Android app for Github. Kosh it’s on stage to tell us the story behind it.

Today we deep dive into metaprogramming, code generation and compiler plugins with Zac Sweers, talking about his experience with MoshiX and KSP

Are you ready to uncover all the secrets of code coverage? Don’t miss this episode where Evgeny Mandrikov will tell us the story behind JaCoCo!

Are you up for some Dependency Injection? Because today we have Arnaud Giuliani on stage, to talk about Koin, a DI framework for Kotlin, Android and more!

Today we talk about Starship, the minimal, blazing-fast and infinitely customizable prompt shell with its author Matan Kushner

Time to kick-off 2021 with an amazing tool to automatize your pull-requests: Danger, and Franco Meloni is on stage to present it!

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Colin is here to introduce Coil, Coroutine Image Loader. A library to reshape image loading on Android

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