The topic of today’s episode is all about Static Website Generators. I’m really excited to have on stage Sébastien Lorber to talk about Docusaurus 🦕.

There is nothing better than great software, than great software with great documentation!

That’s why having a great documentation website is crucial for the success of a project. Docusaurus helps you build a great website for your project with great features such as full-text search, localization & versioned docs.

In this episode, Sébastien will walk us through the project and will give a sneak previous of the release of Docusaurus v2!

Enjoy the show 👨‍🍳

Show Notes

  • 00.11 Intro
  • 00.57 Episode Start
  • 01.27 Sébastien’s Introduction
  • 02.46 Curating a Newsletter
  • 05.51 What is Docusaurus?
  • 08.28 Docusaurus’ killer features
  • 11.29 Versioned Docs
  • 12.37 Docusaurs vs Gatsby, Hugo & Jekyll
  • 14.48 What is missing in Docusaurus?
  • 18.19 Beyond simple Markdown
  • 23.03 MDX
  • 27.10 Docusaurus 1 vs 2
  • 29.58 Brace yourself: v2 Stable is coming!
  • 32.06 Let’s spotlight some great website
  • 34.57 How Sébastien got involved in the project
  • 37.55 What’s up next in the future of Docusaurus?
  • 43.06 Further reading
  • 44.51 Where to find Sébastien online?


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