Time for a fresh new episode! This time we’ll touch on a really different topic: Digital Signing. Joining us today is Pete Matsyburka, co-founder of Docuseal.

Docuseal lets you sign documents online in a secure and easy way, similar to other popular alternative such as Docusign. The killer feature of Docuseal is that it is open source, and you can either self-host it or use the hosted version.

Join us in this episode where Pete will tell us about his journey, how they bootstrapped Docuseal, and the future of the project.

Enjoy the show 👨‍🍳

Show Notes

  • 00.11 Intro
  • 00.57 Episode Start
  • 01.15 Pete’s Introduction
  • 01.50 What is Docuseal?
  • 03.22 Is Docuseal free?
  • 05.40 How is Docuseal better than Docusign?
  • 08.16 How does a e-signature works?
  • 11.50 Stealing identity and e-signature
  • 13.05 Self hosting and trust
  • 16.30 Which programming language have you used?
  • 17.55 Docuseal success stories
  • 19.07 The story of Docuseal
  • 21.49 Growing the company
  • 22.58 The biggest challenge in building Docuseal
  • 25.19 Docuseal & OSS
  • 27.54 Why Ruby on Rails?
  • 29.12 Building Web Apps as fast as possible
  • 29.56 What’s next for Docuseal?
  • 32.30 Further reading
  • 33.29 Where people can find you online?


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