Today we talk about wikis! And I’m excited to have on stage Vincent Massol, CTO of XWiki.

XWiki is an open-source tool to create wikis for your team, your project, or your company. Think of it as a competitor for Confluence. The key feature of XWiki is its extensibility, thanks to its various number of plugins that allow you to cover a variety of use cases, from documentation to knowledge base.

Join us in this episode where Vincent will tell us the story of XWiki and how it grew to be used by companies like Amazon & Airbus among others. Oh, and did you know they commit directly to main? Let’s find out more about that!

Enjoy the show 👨‍🍳

Show Notes

  • 00.11 Intro
  • 00.57 Episode Start
  • 01.16 Vincent’s Introduction
  • 03.20 A Confluence alternative
  • 07.12 XWiki features
  • 10.49 Cloud vs Self-hosting
  • 12.43 XWiki Business Model
  • 15.02 Who’s using XWiki
  • 17.02 Extending XWiki
  • 21.03 Plugins
  • 22.44 The Stack & Scripting Languages
  • 25.33 Converting to Kotlin?
  • 27.31 The Story of XWiki
  • 29.59 How Vincent got involved in XWiki?
  • 34.27 When a Jira competitor?
  • 35.11 The XWiki Community
  • 38.43 Committing directly to main
  • 42.36 Project Cristal
  • 47.06 Further reading
  • 49.00 Where people can find you online?


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