🎂 We’re happy to celebrate our 10th episode! 🎂

And today we have on stage, Saket Narayan, Android Engineer at Square. Saket is an master of Android UI and Custom Views and today is on stage to talk to us about Press.

Press is a beautiful App for taking notes as markdown. The app is completely open source and is a great inspiration for minimal yet elegant UI.

Moreover, Press is developed with Kotlin Multiplatform. This project is a great example of how you can share Kotlin code between Android, iOS and MacOS. Make sure to don’t miss it.

Enjoy the show 👨‍🍳

Show Notes

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 00:59 Episode Start
  • 01:35 Saket’s Introduction
  • 02:34 What is Press?
  • 03:45 What makes Press special?
  • 05:40 What is Kotlin Multiplatform?
  • 07:27 Flutter vs Kotlin Multiplatform?
  • 08:37 How much code where you able to share?
  • 09:50 What are the challenges of shipping iOS/MacOS apps?
  • 11:51 From Mobile to Desktop
  • 12:45 Shipping to ChromeOS?
  • 13:20 What’s your Multiplatform Stack?
  • 14:12 Network in a Multiplatform environment
  • 15:12 KTor as a client library
  • 16:08 How have you wrote the UI?
  • 17:05 What are the benefits of Custom Views
  • 19:12 Is Jetpack Compose on the horizon?
  • 21:05 Which IDE for iOS?
  • 21:59 What is missing in AppCode?
  • 24:40 What would you do differently?
  • 26:22 Are you looking for contributors?
  • 28:37 Missing features?
  • 29:34 Further reading
  • 30:39 Where to find Saket online?


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