Are you ready to relocate your IDE to the cloud ☁️?

In this episode we welcome on stage Joe Previte to talk about code-server, the solution to run VS Code in your browser. Joe is also working for, an enterprise service that offers code-server deployment ready to use.

Today he will tell us about his journey with cloud IDEs, through shiny features and the current limitations. We even get to run VS Code on his mobile phone 😬!


If you want to get a glimpse of how the IDE experience might look like in some years, make sure to don’t miss this episode!

Enjoy the show 👨‍🍳

Show Notes

  • 00.13 Intro
  • 00.59 Episode Start
  • 01.24 Joe’s Introduction
  • 02.51 What is code-server?
  • 04.24 Who had the idea of having an IDE in the browser?
  • 06.22 Keeping developers in flow
  • 08.50 What is
  • 11.27 Convince us that cloud IDEs are the future
  • 14.17 Limitations of cloud IDEs
  • 15.43 Backend development in the cloud
  • 17.03 With browsers getting slower, do you want your IDE there?
  • 20.43 What is blocking a wider adoption?
  • 23.25 What to invest for a cloud IDE setup?
  • 26.13 code-server internals
  • 28.54 Why typescript?
  • 30.02 VS Code extensions
  • 32.45 Keyboard shortcuts
  • 41.05 code-server vs Github Codespaces
  • 43.43 How can we contribute to code-server?
  • 48.59 Which future for code-server?
  • 50.49 Are we all doomed to develop on our smartphones?
  • 54.09 Further reading
  • 55.23 Where to find Joe online?


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