In this episode of The Developers’ Bakery we touch on Next.js and a middleware to overcome one of its missing capability with Michele Riva and Krabs 🦀

Krabs is a Express.js/Fastify middleware that will help you deploying multi-tenancy application on Next.js. We’re going to walk through what this tool does and why it was even needed in the first place.

Michele is also a book author and has a lot of opinion on programming languages. We’re going to hear a bit about his experience writing a book and some of his lessons learned.

Enjoy the show 👨‍🍳

Show Notes

  • 00.09 Intro
  • 00.55 Episode Start
  • 01.28 Michele’s Introduction
  • 02.31 What is Krabs?
  • 03.36 What is NextJS?
  • 05.25 What is multi tenancy?
  • 08.05 Is Krabs used in production?
  • 11.00 FLIP - Functional-like Imperative Programming
  • 12.37 Native Multi-tenancy support in Next.js
  • 14.30 Upcoming features for Krabs?
  • 16.57 Who is currently maintaining the project?
  • 17.58 Who is sponsoring this project?
  • 19.07 Could you imagine doing OSS full-time?
  • 20.47 What’s your experience as a book author?
  • 23.51 Real-world Next.js
  • 26.17 If you were to rewrite Krabs, what would you do differently?
  • 29.11 If you were to rewrite your book, what would you do differently?
  • 31.36 Further reading
  • 33.41 Bonus: What is your favourite programming language?
  • 35.54 Bonus: …and why it’s not Javascript?
  • 40.46 Where to find Michele online?


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