This time, we fly up to Mars with Vincenzo Palazzo and the Material UI Swing.

Vincenzo is the maintainer of this library, a custom theme for Swing which is bringing a material look-n-feel to the Swing UI toolkit. While this might sound boring at first, Material UI Swing is currently used on JMars (Java Mission-planning and Analysis for Remote Sensing) 🪐 and sponsored by the Arizona State University.

In this episode Vincenzo will tell us the challenges of having to deal with Swing, and what it means to have a University sponsoring your open-source project.

Enjoy the show 👨‍🍳

Show Notes

  • 00.09 Intro
  • 00.55 Episode Start
  • 01.48 Vincenzo’s Introduction
  • 04.24 What are you favourite programming languages?
  • 06.21 What is Material UI Swing?
  • 10.20 How about JMars?
  • 14.03 A bit of project history
  • 17.07 What was the impact of being sponsored by a University?
  • 24.16 Vincenzo goes to Arizona
  • 30.26 Swing and Themes
  • 37.44 Would you rewrite it in Kotlin?
  • 41.07 What’s up in the future for this library?
  • 44.27 Further reading
  • 47.13 Where to find Vincenzo online?


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