Today we have the pleasure to host another popular Dependency Injection framework at the Developers’ Bakery.

Please welcome Kodein-DI and Salomon Brys on stage! Kodein is an acronym for KOtlin DEpendency INjection, a framework to help you handle your dependencies in your Kotlin code (on all the platforms!).

But Kodein is not only a DI framework. There is an entire ecosystem of libraries that can help you such as a DB, a logging library and a mocking framework. In this episode, Salomon is going to tell us how Kodein was born and how the whole Kodein initiative kicked off.

Enjoy the show 👨‍🍳

Show Notes

  • 00.18 Intro
  • 01.05 Episode Start
  • 01.33 Salomon’s Introduction
  • 02.26 Board games & French
  • 04.14 What is Kodein?
  • 05.49 The Kodein Framework and library naming
  • 07.38 What is Kodein Koders?
  • 10.08 Kodein vs Dagger
  • 12.33 Dagger error messages
  • 14.23 Compile-time safety vs Unit-test safety
  • 20.51 Testing with Kodein
  • 23.08 MockKMP
  • 27.57 Kodein vs Koin
  • 30.54 The most requested feature
  • 33.15 Is Kodein Multiplatform ready?
  • 36.53 Upcoming features
  • 38.39 Who is maintaining Kodein?
  • 41.39 Is Kodein a good project to start doing open-source?
  • 43.55 Further reading
  • 45.42 Where to find Salomon online?


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