It’s time to talk about Docker 🐳 and how it can help you improve your integration tests, with Sergei Egorov and Testcontainers.

Testcontainers make easy to start instances of DBs, web browsers, or any other tool that can be containerized to help you write integration tests. This will allow you to test your code against real dependencies and not fake/mocks anymore.

Sergei will guide us throgh this project and will share some insights on his experience in Open Source.

Enjoy the show 👨‍🍳

Show Notes

  • 00.00 Intro
  • 00.46 Episode Start
  • 01.35 Sergei’s Introduction
  • 03.20 What are Testcontainers?
  • 06.34 Testcontainers with Java, Go, Node and more
  • 09.28 Are Testcontianers just a wrapper on top of Docker?
  • 11.38 Stopping containers
  • 15.16 How do you handle resources?
  • 21.16 Built-in modules for popular DBs
  • 26.27 Integrating Testcontainers in your tests
  • 29.46 What is AtomicJar and Testcontainers Cloud?
  • 35.21 Flakyness when testing on the cloud
  • 38.45 Java Champions
  • 43.02 What do you think about Kotlin?
  • 46.53 Sergei’s OSS journey
  • 50.35 Suggestions for new contributors
  • 54.51 Where to find Sergei online?


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