We’re back to talk about Gradle 🐘 with Tony Robalik and the Dependency Analysis Android Gradle Plugin (DAAGP).

Tony wrote this plugin to help you with unused and misused dependencies and save yourself from some depenceny hell. We will learn about the story of this plugin and some of the internals. Tony is a great source of knowledge about Gradle and he’s also one of the member of the Gradle Fellowship program.

In this episode we’re going to touch on his opinion about Gradle as a tool. Moreover we will also learn more about Tony’s background as a urban planner and how it made him a better engineer.

Enjoy the show 👨‍🍳

Show Notes

  • 00.18 Intro
  • 01.05 Episode Start
  • 01.38 Tony’s Introduction
  • 03.18 What is the Dependency Analysis Android Gradle Plugin?
  • 07.22 What is Gradle?
  • 11.48 Do we finally get to use some graph theory?
  • 16.10 Which projects are supported by this plugin?
  • 18.13 How is plugin working internally?
  • 21.51 How being an urban planner helped you being a better software engineer?
  • 24.21 What’s your opinion about Gradle as a tool?
  • 28.00 Do you feel that Gradle gives you too much freedom?
  • 32.25 Gradle & Documentation
  • 36.03 The Gradle Fellowship
  • 38.27 What have you learned from open source?
  • 42.57 Do you have suggestions for firstimers to Open Source?
  • 46.03 Further reading
  • 48.09 Where to find Tony online?


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