Have you ever debugged an application using gdb? If yes, you probably know how unfriendly the user interface of gdb is. That’s why Andrea Cardaci developed gdb-dashboard, a graphical interface for gdb.

Today, we’ll walk through how this project started and we’ll talk about some of the challenges of developing graphical applications for terminal.

Andrea is also an Application Security Specialist. In this episode, he’s going to share of security tips & stories with all of us.

Enjoy the show 👨‍🍳

Show Notes

  • 00.13 Intro
  • 00.59 Episode Start
  • 02.10 Andrea’s Introduction
  • 04.52 What is an Application Security Specialist doing daily?
  • 08.05 Security Tips for every developer
  • 11.21 What is gdb?
  • 13.38 What is gdb-dashboard?
  • 18.45 Why gdb-dashboard is not by default inside gdb?
  • 23.45 So this project is just 2K lines of code… how comes?
  • 27.08 What are the Ncurses libraries?
  • 29.25 Why you developed gdb-dashboard?
  • 34.41 Tests and external contribs
  • 39.32 What’s your most popular CVE?
  • 47.02 Andrea’s Terminal Setup
  • 50.01 Further reading
  • 51.48 Where to find Andrea online?


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