I’m really excited to have on stage Jonathan Leitschuh and Yahor Berdnikau, maintainers of ktlint-gradle.

ktlint-gradle is a Gradle Plugin that allows you to lint and reformat your Kotlin code during a Gradle build. We’re going to touch and what are the challenges of building such a tool and a bit of the story of this project.

Moreover, we’ll discuss on a topic which is really crucial in the OSS community: Sustainability. Most of us struggle to find new maintainers. It’s crucial to understand how we can foster a sustainable ecosystem and what are the risks of unmaintained projects.

Enjoy the show 👨‍🍳

Show Notes

  • 00.15 Intro
  • 01.01 Episode Start
  • 01.32 Jonathan’s Introduction
  • 02.07 Yahor’s Introduction
  • 02.59 What is Ktlint?
  • 05.25 What is Ktlint-gradle?
  • 08.06 What are the challenges of writing a formatter?
  • 09.01 How hard was to integrate with Gradle?
  • 12.25 Pros & Cons of having separate repos
  • 15.26 Why Kotlin is lacking a 1st party formatter?
  • 19.11 Openrewrite & Mass code refractoring
  • 21.32 Naming is hard
  • 25.31 How you got involved in this project?
  • 30.19 Open Source Sustainability
  • 35.43 How to seek new maintainers?
  • 40.06 Github Sponsorships
  • 43.02 The event-stream incident
  • 46.08 Further reading


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