Who doesn’t like animations?

Thanks to Lottie, we can experience beautiful smooth animations on our mobile devices! Today we have on stage Gabriel Peal, maintainer of Lottie Android, to tell us about this project.

We will start from how this project started, as a simple proof of concept inside AirBnB to become the industry standard for animations on mobile.

We will discover how Lottie works internally and what’s coming next in the future of this project. Finally, as Gabriel is not at AirBnB anymore, we’ll talk about the challenges of maintainers and companies supporting OSS projects.

Enjoy the show 👨‍🍳

Show Notes

  • 00.14 Intro
  • 01.00 Episode Start
  • 01.31 Gabriel’s Introduction
  • 02.33 What is Lottie?
  • 03.52 What’s the story of Lottie?
  • 08.39 Lottie Success Recipe
  • 10.07 Lottie Internals
  • 11.24 Challenges on Android
  • 15.32 AfterFX feature support
  • 17.10 If you were to rewrite Lottie, what would you do differently?
  • 21.24 Lottie on other platforms
  • 23.37 Who’s maintaining Lottie?
  • 26.43 OSS projects coming from companies
  • 29.48 Sponsorship stories
  • 32.32 Lottie Foundation?
  • 37.56 Upcoming features?
  • 42.54 Further reading
  • 44.31 Where to find Gabriel online?


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