We’re back in the frontend space to talk about Qwik and Qwik UI, a web framework to build superfast web application. From their readme: Instant-loading web apps, without effort. Qwik UI is their UI library, which offers a variety of components that you can use to kickstart your application.

Today we do have Giorgio Boa on stage, one of the maintainers of Qwik UI, to talk about the project, the motivation behind it, and how this project is evolving.

Enjoy the show 👨‍🍳

Show Notes

  • 00.08 Intro
  • 00.54 Episode Start
  • 01.28 Giorgio’s Introduction
  • 02.31 What is Qwik?
  • 08.55 What is Qwik UI?
  • 11.49 Getting started with Qwik
  • 13.38 Single Page Application vs Server Side Rendering
  • 16.30 SPA ans SEO
  • 17.45 CSS and Customizations
  • 19.16 How Giorgio got involved with Qwik UI?
  • 21.14 Maintaining Qwik UI
  • 24.46 Building connections through Open Source
  • 27.41 Onboarding Juniors to Open Source
  • 29.09 Giorgio’s Mentoring Campaing
  • 31.33 Recurrent vs One-off mentoring
  • 33.16 The future of Qwik UI
  • 35.29 Further reading
  • 37.00 What made you move to Qwik?
  • 38.53 Where people can find you online?


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