It’s time to talk about testing again, but this time we’ll talk about cross-platform UI testing. I’m glad to have on stage Christian Bromann, the lead maintainer of WebdriverIO.

With WebdriverIO, you can write UI tests for your web, mobile, desktop application and much more. WebdriverIO relies on the Webdriver protocol, a Web standard to support test automation, so you can use the programming language you prefer to easily test your apps wherever you want.

Moreover, WebdriverIO is a project hosted by the OpenJS foundation. Together with Christian we’ll touch on what it means being part of a foundation and what this meant for the success of this project.

Enjoy the show 👨‍🍳

Show Notes

  • 00.00 Intro
  • 00.45 Episode Start
  • 01.35 Dmitry’s Introduction
  • 02.53 What is WebdriverIO?
  • 04.53 Testing Browser and Mobile applications
  • 06.16 The Webdriver protocol
  • 08.58 How to write tests with WebdriverIO?
  • 10.56 WebdriverIO competitors and unique features
  • 13.15 Handling flakiness
  • 16.46 Running WebdriverIO in the cloud
  • 20.25 Why should I use WebdriverIO vs my native testing framework?
  • 22.32 How you got involved with WebdriverIO?
  • 25.50 Who’s funding WebdriverIO?
  • 29.03 Being part of the OpenJS foundation
  • 31.16 Governance model
  • 37.31 How to contribute to WebdriverIO?
  • 40.11 What’s next for WebdriverIO?
  • 42.15 Further reading
  • 43.58 Where people can find you online?


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