We’re back with another bonus episode of The Developers’ Bakery! Back in episode 60 we talked about content creation with Effective Android.

Today, we double down on a similar topic as we do have Marcin Moskała on stage! Marcin is the author of Effective Kotlin, a collection of Kotlin best practices, and Kotlin Coroutines, a book about Kotlin’s concurrency model.

In this episode, Marcin will walk us through the path to becoming an educator, what are the skills required, and how to make it profitable. Marcin has plenty of experience in this space, both as a book author, a workshop organizer, and a conference speaker.

Enjoy the show 👨‍🍳

Show Notes

  • 00.00 Intro
  • 00.45 Episode Start
  • 01.23 Marcin’s Introduction
  • 03.36 The various paths in engineering
  • 06.16 The educator’s path
  • 14.09 The educator’s skillset
  • 19.43 Making education profitable
  • 25.25 Is it worth to write a book?
  • 27.08 Marcin’s writing tips
  • 34.19 Publishing a book
  • 38.06 AI and education
  • 41.55 Give it forward
  • 43.59 Where people can find you online?


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