Today we touch on a brand-new topic: device management! I’m excited to have on stage Zach Wasserman, co-founder and CTO at Fleet.

Fleet is a Mobile device management (MDM) software, that helps you manage your device fleet. It’s fully open-source and works either as self-hosted or as a cloud solution. Zach is going to guide us through the world of fleet management, talking about challenges such as managing vulnerabilities and updating devices.

If you ever worked with a managed device, you’ll be amazed to learn some of the secrets from the device management world!

Enjoy the show 👨‍🍳

Show Notes

  • 00.00 Intro
  • 00.45 Episode Start
  • 01.14 Zac’s Introduction
  • 02.04 What is a Fleet?
  • 05.57 Fleet vs other MDM tools
  • 08.08 Fleet vs chef
  • 10.40 Challenges in building MDM software
  • 12.21 The journey of a new device
  • 15.53 Updating OS version
  • 17.50 Integrating with user’s calendar
  • 18.55 Incident Stories
  • 21.17 Who’s using Fleet?
  • 23.15 Self-hosting vs cloud
  • 24.14 Handling malwares
  • 26.25 The history of Fleet
  • 30.12 Introducing osquery
  • 31.48 Being part of the Linux Foundation
  • 34.56 Being part of a steering commitee of a an OSS project
  • 37.04 What’s next for Fleet?
  • 39.17 Provisioning Vision Pros
  • 40.03 Integrating AI?
  • 41.12 Further reading
  • 42.46 Where people can find you online?


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