Today we talk about a completely new topic: DevOps and System configuration. I’m really excited to have on stage Adam Jacob, CEO and Co-founder of System Initiative.

Adam is challenging the status quo of DevOps tools with a completely new approach to system configuration. While System initiative looks like a no-code tool at first, it comes with all the power of TypeScript to let you build and manage your infrastructure in a completely new way.

We will talk about the history of System Initiative, the challenges of building a new tool in a crowded space, and the future of DevOps.

Adam is also the co-founder of Chef, a really popular configuration management tool, and he will share with us some of the lessons learned from that previous experience.

Enjoy the show 👨‍🍳

Show Notes

  • 00.00 Intro
  • 00.46 Episode Start
  • 01.03 Adam’s Introduction
  • 03.19 What is a System Initiative?
  • 07.54 What are the System Initiative feature?
  • 11.16 Is this a drag-n-drop tool to create AWS infras?
  • 14.37 No-code tools & quality of their output
  • 20.12 Frontend engineers doing DevOps?
  • 23.06 How is System Initiative doing Open Source?
  • 25.18 The history of System Initiative
  • 34.10 From demo to production
  • 36.13 AI & DevOps
  • 39.18 What you learned from building Chef?
  • 43.51 Further reading
  • 45.06 Where people can find you online?
  • 46.07 Sysadmin in disguise


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