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Welcome to a special in-person episode of The Developers’ Bakery, recorded live in Berlin at Google I/O Connect 2024!

There, I had the privilege of having on stage Marcello Galhardo, Software Engineer at Google. Marcello is working in the AndroidX team responsible for adding Kotlin Multiplatform support for several popular AndroidX libraries.

If you’re an Android Developer, you probably used one of those libraries in your projects, such as Lifecycle or Room. Marcello is going to walk us through the latest announcements about Kotlin Multiplatform at Google I/O, and how they’re going to impact the way we build Android apps.

Enjoy the show 👨‍🍳

Show Notes

  • 00.00 Intro
  • 00.50 Episode Start
  • 01.37 Marcelo’s Introduction
  • 02.18 What is Kotlin Multiplatform?
  • 03.11 KMP @ Google IO
  • 04.00 KMP announcement excitement
  • 05.32 Convince us to use KMP for a new app
  • 07.20 KMP support in AndroidX libraries
  • 08.29 Migrating from Android to KMP
  • 09.02 Which library has you contributed to?
  • 09.27 Which library was the hardest to KMP migrate?
  • 10.28 How many developers are involved in KMP compatibility?
  • 11.28 alpha and versioning for AndroidX libraries
  • 12.57 Where is the AndroidX source code?
  • 13.42 KMP compatible vs KMP supported
  • 15.19 Google’s stance on cross-platform
  • 16.59 How is Google is using KMP?
  • 17.53 Marcello’s journey
  • 18.19 Foldable devices and large screens
  • 20.17 Which IDE to use for KMP?
  • 22.25 AI and KMP
  • 25.49 Further reading
  • 26.42 Where people can find you online?


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