Today, I’m more than excited to welcome on stage Sebastian Aigner, Developer Advocate at JetBrains.

Sebastian is with us to talk about Jetpack Compose Desktop, a new declarative UI framework for Desktop applications written in Kotlin.

Jetpack Compose Desktop is the porting of Jetpack Compose, the declarative UI framework for Android. JetBrains took the Compose to the next level offering a lot of new APIs and tools to make Desktop UI development a pleasure again. The project gained a lot of popularity recently on Github.

Sebastian is here to talk about his experience with the tool, how to write your first Compose Desktop application and how to contribute to the framework.

Enjoy the show 👨‍🍳

Show Notes

  • 00:27 Intro
  • 01:13 Episode Start
  • 01:44 Sebastian’s Introduction
  • 03:14 What is Jetpack Compose Desktop?
  • 04:37 Jetpack Compose for Android
  • 05:35 Desktop and UIs
  • 07:30 Why not Jetbrains UI?
  • 09:12 It just works TM
  • 09:42 Package naming
  • 10:21 Supported platforms
  • 11:43 Migrating existing applications
  • 13:42 The next Compose Desktop app from JB?
  • 14:39 How to contribute to Ccompose Desktop?
  • 16:49 What is the current project direction?
  • 18:35 Where to provide feedback?
  • 19:49 Where to find support?
  • 20:55 Official Compose Desktop Examples
  • 23:17 Seb’s experience with Compose Desktop
  • 28:49 What is still missing in Compose Desktop?
  • 30:07 Push notifications on Desktop
  • 31:44 What’s the future for Compose Desktop?
  • 33:01 Compose for Web!?
  • 34:41 Learning material
  • 36:30 Where to find Seb online?


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