☢️☢️☢️ When Gradle or the IDE let you down, just --nuke all them caches ☢️☢️☢️

Today’s project is basically a script: deep-clean.

This script is the last resort to unblock yourself when your Android/JVM/Gradle builds are damn broken. deep-clean will take care of cleaning up your build caches. If you’re really stuck, you should also look into the --nuke option to purge every possible cache and start from a clean environment.

Its author, Sebastiano Poggi, is on stage to tell us the story behind it.

As a bonus, we also talk a bit about Seb’s new journey with Twitch: CodeWithTheItalians 🍕.

Enjoy the show 👨‍🍳

Show Notes

  • 00.19 Intro
  • 01.05 Episode Start
  • 01.36 Seb’s Introduction
  • 03.35 What is deep-clean?
  • 05.36 What is deep-clean cleaning?
  • 08.31 deep-clean as a last resort
  • 11.25 From a script to a popular project
  • 13.30 Kotlin as a scripting language
  • 15.35 How do you distribute deep-clean?
  • 18.05 Community contributions
  • 19.59 deep-clean on Brew?
  • 22.43 kscript vs Kotlin Scripting
  • 25.08 Command line parameters
  • 26.34 Do you have tests?
  • 30.02 Further reading
  • 33.16 Bonus: Code with the Italians
  • 43.48 Where to find Seb online?


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