In this episode we are going to meet Xavier Gouchet and the Datadog Android SDK 🐶.

Datadog helps you monitor and track problems with your mobile applications, such as crashes and ANR. The Android SDK offers a large variety of plugins that helps you track the health of your app with integration for popular libraries such as Timber, Glide, Jetpack Compose or the Android NDK.

In this episode, Xavier will walk us through their SDK and what are the most challenging tasks for a monitoring SDK such as this one.

Enjoy the show 👨‍🍳

Show Notes

  • 00.17 Intro
  • 01.04 Episode Start
  • 01.38 Xav’s Introduction
  • 02.54 What is Datadog?
  • 03.20 What mobile engineers can do with Datadog?
  • 04.22 How Datadog works on Android?
  • 05.50 What are the complexity of a monitoring SDK?
  • 08.25 Which type of monitoring is it offering?
  • 10.21 What’s the performance impact of a monitoring SDK?
  • 12.51 Which OSS applications are you using for benchmarking?
  • 13.56 What was the most complex plugin to develop?
  • 17.00 Are you also giving suggestions to developers?
  • 19.33 Machine Learning and App Crashes
  • 21.09 The most common performance pitfall
  • 23.03 How do you handle collection of personal information?
  • 27.56 Integrations with popular Android libraries
  • 32.51 Can people contribute to Datadog SDK?
  • 35.05 Reproducible builds and SDKs
  • 36.23 What’s in the future for this SDK?
  • 38.45 How can people contribute to this project?
  • 39.46 Further reading
  • 41.09 Where to find Xav online?


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