Let’s start this new year venturing inside the realm of mobile databases, with Christian Melchior and the Realm Kotlin SDK.

Realm is an on-device database, that helps you handle your app state with a lot of convenient built-in features such as lazy loading, encryption, and cloud synchronization.

In this episode, Christian is guiding us through the Realm SDK for Android developers. When using Realm on Android, you have the freedom to pick between the Java SDK and the Kotlin SDK. During the show, we will look through the offering of the two and how Kotlin Multiplatform is going to shape the future for Realm.

Enjoy the show 👨‍🍳

Show Notes

  • 00.17 Intro
  • 01.04 Episode Start
  • 01.35 Christian’s Introduction
  • 02.20 What is Realm?
  • 03.55 Which platforms are supported?
  • 05.21 Why a separate Java and a Kotlin SDK?
  • 09.01 Why pick Realm over Room?
  • 11.54 Modelling domains that are relationship heavy
  • 12.51 Native encryption support
  • 14.52 Multiuser support
  • 16.59 Realm Sync and offline-first apps
  • 19.15 Multiplatform support
  • 20.33 Kotlin Multiplatform to take over C++?
  • 22.53 Is Realm KMP production ready?
  • 24.31 How you got involved with Realm?
  • 25.22 How is the releationship with the OSS community?
  • 27.48 Which contribs are the most common?
  • 29.44 The Mongo acquisition & OSS
  • 31.29 Any OSS app that is using Realm to use as inspiration?
  • 32.43 Where do you interact with the Realm community?
  • 34.36 Async vs Sync comms
  • 36.09 How do you handle the incoming flow of Github issues?
  • 37.53 The Realm roadmap
  • 40.13 Further reading
  • 41.09 Where to find Christian online?


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