It’s time to talk about Fake vs Mock once for all!

Today, we do have Mattia Tommasone on stage to talk about MockK a popular mocking framework for Kotlin.

MockK allows you to write elegant tests thanks to its idiomatic DSL. Mattia had the opportunity to take over the maintainance of this library and he’s going to explain us how it works internally.

But do we even need to mock at all? In this episode we’ll touch on when mocking is useful and when you should think twice before using it.

Enjoy the show 👨‍🍳

Show Notes

  • 00.13 Intro
  • 00.58 Episode Start
  • 01.28 Mattia’s Introduction
  • 05.34 Mocking on the JVM
  • 09.24 What is MockK?
  • 11.41 Why the need for a new mocking library?
  • 14.31 How mocking works internally?
  • 18.50 Testing a mocking framework
  • 21.49 MockK’s Performances
  • 24.46 Multiplatform support
  • 27.03 Fake vs Mock
  • 31.40 Auto-detecting what to don’t mock
  • 32.51 What’s next for MockK?
  • 35.26 Looking for new maintainers
  • 38.32 Hacktoberfest
  • 40.29 Further reading
  • 45.16 Where people can find you online?


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