We reached episode 50! 🎂

Time to celebrate with a special episode.

Today we go from building Open Source Software to building Open Source Conferences! We have on stage Davide Imola and Lorenzo Pieri directly from the Schrödinger Hat community.

They’re among the organizers of Open Source Day a Tech Conference about Open Source. The beauty of this conference is that everything is built in the open in their Github repo. It’s amazing to see how the OSS philosophy can be used to develop events beyond just software.

Join us in this episode as we walk through the challenges of organizing a tech conference in 2023.

Enjoy the show 👨‍🍳

Show Notes

  • 00.00 Intro
  • 00.45 Episode Start
  • 01.48 Lorenzo’s Introduction
  • 02.37 Davide’s Introduction
  • 03.19 What is Schrödinger Hat?
  • 07.29 What is Open Source Day?
  • 11.26 What is making OS day unique?
  • 15.18 Building conference as Open Source software
  • 17.58 The Website
  • 23.50 The Venue
  • 25.00 The Call for Paper
  • 26.41 The Sponsors
  • 31.47 The Tickets
  • 36.31 What’s your biggest fear when organizing a conference?
  • 41.30 What have you learned for 2021 edition?
  • 48.32 Are you inspired by any other conference?
  • 53.11 How to contribute?
  • 55.09 Where people can find you online?


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