In this episode we’re back on the topic of Cloud IDEs with Geoffrey Huntley to talk us about Gitpod 🚀.

First, I had the pleasure to ask Geoff some insights on his van life ⛺️. Geoff is living remote work at its finest, working from his van in Australia and apparently enjoying it a lot (make sure to checkout his blogposts about it)!

But Geoff is also highly involved with Gitpod, a tool that will help you spin-up development environment and get you up to speed in seconds. They’re also extremely supportive towards the open-source ecosystem, offering free licenses for OSS projects.

In this epidesode we walk through Gitpod, how it can help you in your daily development and what the future of Cloud IDE might look like.

Enjoy the show 👨‍🍳

Show Notes

  • 00.00 Intro
  • 00.46 Episode Start
  • 01.12 Geoff’s Introduction
  • 01.55 Working from a van
  • 03.41 Funny stories from a camping life
  • 05.05 Living without abstraction
  • 07.11 What is Gitpod?
  • 09.15 What makes Gitpod unique?
  • 12.33 Prebuilt workspaces
  • 14.15 The magic URL
  • 16.50 Development workflow with Gitpod
  • 19.08 VS Code @ Gitpod
  • 21.52 OpenVSX
  • 23.09 What are the major blockers to cloud IDEs adoption?
  • 25.04 Developing daily on a iPad
  • 26.33 Mobile development in the cloud
  • 30.53 It works on my machine
  • 32.23 Deplyoing GitPod to your infrastructure
  • 35.22 Geoff’s Browser setup
  • 36.28 How you go involved with Gitpod?
  • 38.24 How to contribute to Gitpod?
  • 40.42 Further reading
  • 43.05 Where to find Geoff online?


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