I’m really excited for today’s episode as we’re going to talk about Linux Desktop Environments with Niccolò Venerandi, a KDE contributor.

Niccolò has been contributing to KDE Plasma for multiple years. He’s going to tell us how the KDE project is working, how it’s funded and how it is possible to contribute to it.

He also runs a popular YouTube channel about KDE & Linux that he’s using to found his Open Source work!

In this episode, we’re going to learn his secrets and how he’s planning to grow his engagement with KDE through this channel.

Enjoy the show 👨‍🍳

Show Notes

  • 00.10 Intro
  • 00.56 Episode Start
  • 01.12 Niccolò’s Introduction
  • 02.31 What is KDE?
  • 04.49 What is your role within KDE?
  • 05.51 KDE Plasma on a Steam Deck
  • 06.44 Which Linux distro are you using?
  • 07.12 Which Linux distro are you recommending?
  • 07.54 How you got involved with KDE?
  • 10.37 Where is KDE’s code?
  • 11.11 Mentoring in the KDE community
  • 12.22 Whick programming languages are used for KDE?
  • 14.21 GNOME vs KDE
  • 16.55 How is KDE funded?
  • 20.13 How anarchy sometimes work
  • 22.34 Meeting the KDE community
  • 24.10 Different ways of doing Open Source
  • 29.10 How to start contributing to KDE?
  • 31.22 What KDE needs right now?
  • 32.06 kNaming
  • 34.05 Nicco Loves Linux
  • 36.47 Sustaining Open Source via YouTube
  • 39.39 Marketing is hard
  • 42.34 Further reading
  • 44.35 Where people can find you online?


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